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The ovaobike is more than just a smart choice of switching to an electric motorcycle. They are a team of motorcycle lovers that bring the latest technology to your everyday life and everyday ride. Each bike model is perfectly designed and created to guide you through your world. For whatever parallel universe they live in, they have the bike for you. 
Mini City Racers (MCR) 
Welcome to the Wi-Fi of the urban commute. Wi-Fi is to communicating as MCRs are to commuting. Your new ovaobike is going to be more than a novelty for living a 21st-century lifestyle. Jump on and hang on. Your life is about to change. 
We welcome you to Ride the Rainbow Revolution. 

Partners with VPIC 

With 23 years of experience and 85% of its exports going to North America, Asia, and Europe, VPIC is an industry leader in manufacturing first-rate results. Beyond its many awards, they are recognized worldwide as a high-quality manufacturer of power-sport products. 

Partners with Noon 

Spirit is what you find in noondesign creations. These guys are passionate about what they do and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This isn’t just a job for us, it’s why we chose them to bring sexy back to the streets with our ovaobike. 

Vision & Mission 

Our vision and our mission is to revolutionize how we get around this planet. We go by our own standards. Motorcycles are about more than just mobility. We understand that. Still, oftentimes it feels we are stepping into a parallel universe with how quickly the world is changing. So, when it comes to keeping that change fun and fast, we are the ones leading the way. 

Core Values 

The human eye can only see but a few waves within the light spectrum. At ovaobike, they see more than colour. They see possibilities, diversity, and greatness in our work and our riders. As such, they only want the best for our clients. That is why we at Rainbow have partnered with them to offer quality and innovativeness upfront and specialized service-after-sales once you are part of this unique revolution we call ovaobike. 
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